Our work has FIVE main activities:

Population monitoring and control

We implement a Sterilization/Trap-Neuter-Release program where we catch, vaccinate and sterilize healthy stray cats before releasing them back into their territory. This helps control their numbers to a manageable level and improves the overall health of the population over time.

Stray cat community care

We reach out and offer support to dedicated feeders of street cats in Versova who provide nutritious food and first aid to cats and assist us in trapping and sterilizing them.

Rehabilitation and placement

By providing medical treatment to sick and injured stray cats and seeking caring homes for severely disadvantaged cats, we work towards ensuring that every cat has a fair chance at living to their full potential.

Education and awareness

We aim to improve the overall perception of stray cats and their needs through public events, volunteer programs, and ongoing educational campaigns. Our aim is to build an enthusiastic cat-loving society in Mumbai.

Collaborative efforts

We coordinate with implementing partners such as Cat Café Studio, veterinarians, community leaders and other animal welfare organisations to have a wider impact on the community.