Being able to provide lifesaving medical treatment to hundreds of stray cats every year is incredibly rewarding for us, but also costly. We couldn’t do it without the support we receive from our friends, family and donors.

Your donation would go towards:
  • Sterilization or spay/neuter of stray cats
  • Inpatient care for critically sick or injured cats
  • Emergency surgeries such as amputations/dental extractions
  • Special diets for ill or underweight cats

1 day of treatment and medicines = ₹ 250

1 month of dry and wet food = ₹ 750

Male cat sterilization = ₹ 1900

Female cat sterilization = ₹ 2900

Emergency operation = ₹ 5000

Note: To make a monthly donation, please check the ‘Make this recurring’ box beneath your chosen amount.
The Feline Foundation is a registered charity organization under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Donations to The Feline Foundation are tax-deductible.

If you haven’t received your donation receipt, kindly fill out your information here