Since there are few studies, educational campaigns or government initiatives dedicated solely to street cats, many people are unaware of their needs.
Stray cats are also commonly perceived as pests due to their large numbers, tendency to fight with each other and vocalize at night for mates, and their sorting through garbage for food, amongst other reasons.
In order to improve the relations between stray cats and our society, we focus on providing information regarding stray cat welfare and population control to community members.
We fulfill such motives by:
  • Conducting seminars and workshops on feline care and behaviour by animal care professionals
  • Distributing informational pamphlets for anyone interested
  • Helping stray cat feeders by guiding them in the matters of feline nutrition, preventive care and sterilization, and offering social support
  • Coordinating projects and visits with school and college students
  • Teaching our volunteers how to care for our clinic cats


Animal rescuer Shivani teaching a workshop on the basics of feline first aid to students at Cat Café Studio

CEO Charu Khosla talking to students about stray cat welfare and our NGO’s operations

Students from the Rotaract Club of Sathaye visited Cat Café Studio to learn about stray cat rescue and adoptions

These Amity University students visited for a project on The Feline Foundation and its operations


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