Rescue Stories


Veronica has been a very sensitive case to us ever since she’s been rescued. She was found by our local Animal Welfare Officer and fellow rescuer Mrs Zara. She’d been with a severely prolapsed rectum, and that too at a very young age. The biggest reasons for this could be severe strain during defecation, childbirth or a severe case of worms. Her’s was a case of the latter most and it was quite an extreme situation. After the deworming process and 2 failed attempts at correcting the damage, we were finally able to reverse the prolapse. Still, she is on a very controlled diet of wet food only and has to have a neck collar and a separate playpen at all times to ensure that the prolapse doesn’t reoccur. She’s still on of the most adorable kittens we’ve rescued and we hope to find her a home that can care for all her specific needs.