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Hii you must be amazed to read the title but yeah the story is as amazing as the title or more I must say.

So what made me write this article, I wrote this article because I just started working as a server (waiter) at Cat Cafe Studio (you’ll get a link below). I always had a great passion for cats from my childhood. I love the way they pure and cuddle and moreover rub against you to show their affection. I started working here at the cafe only on weekends and on weekdays I attend college.

So let’s move to the core topic what are the lessons that teenagers can learn from a cat.

1) Sleep Well.

Cats are the best sleepers in the world and some can sleep up to 10-15 hours a day. Well I won’t suggest any you reading this to sleep that much but I can say that when cats sleep they just sleep and never indulge in any other things that’s what’s today’s teenagers don’t do they sleep with their phones in the bed looking at their Facebook, Instagram newsfeed after a couple of minutes regularly and which in turn disturbs their sleep cycle. So the first lesson a cat can teach a teen is to sleep well, have a good night’s sleep and then you can have enough energy to tackle the day ahead.

2) Just explore everything.

Cats love to explore anything, everything and everybody. This virtue makes cats friendly with almost everyone. So what teenagers need to learn is that just explore everything, everyone and one day you’ll discover your passion your dream in someone or something. You have a lot of free time in your teens compared to your later life. It’s better to explore and hit a jackpot rather than watching TV soap the whole day just lying on your couch and doing nothing.


3) Smell before you cuddle.

Now thats something which really every teenager or any person should follow in life. A cat always smells a person before cuddling with him and by that she remembers him the next time he approaches her. Thus keeping herself aware and cautious about the troublemakers. A teenager should be aware of any person or so called a jealous friends who just wants his/her attention, money and company in order for some bad work. Such people only try to make your life miserable as their own.


4) Leave your fragrance.

A cat always rubs against a person whom she loves a lot. Now I don’t suggest you to do the same but just leave a fragrance where you work or whom you work ( I don’t suggest farting as a option ^_^), but just remember wherever you work or the people you work with should remember you for a good reason when you aren’t around. Show gratitude day in and day out so that even if they speak behind you it should be only for your good.


5) Keep yourself clean.

A cat hates to take a bath but it will make sure it licks itself clean. A lot depends on your appearance, by appearance I don’t mean your looks, colour, race or religion I mean the way you dress the neatness of your posture, clothes, the performance and perfection of your work, the cleanliness of your mind and your language and all sorts of things matter. Just remember you might think no one is watching but there are small things which are easily noticed by people and you are judged by it.


So one last favour, comment below on what have you learned from the cats personally which I haven’t mentioned it above.

Cat Cafe Studio

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