Mriidu and Charu Khosla and Jason Moss, the founders of The Feline Foundation, actually started rescuing cats seven years ago before the NGO was officially established. All ardent animal lovers, they couldn’t help rescuing the odd stray cat or dog that wandered into Zcyphher, the design agency where they worked together. As more friends and family visited daily to see the rescued cats, the Zcyphher team decided to open a café where members of the public could also meet them.

In 2015 Cat Café Studio became the first of its kind in India where people could enjoy a coffee while also learning about Indian stray cats at the same time. In the years that the team at Cat Café Studio rescued and adopted out Indian cats, they faced some obstacles that prevented them from making the full impact on the welfare of stray cats that they wanted to make.

Hence in 2017 they officially established an NGO called The Feline Foundation to conduct stray cat rescue and community outreach efforts in the area of Versova where we are based. While The Feline Foundation primarily focuses on building a healthy stray cat community on the streets through sterilization, vaccination and preventative care, we also occasionally put up sociable, disadvantaged cats for adoption at Cat Café Studio.

Today, The Feline Foundation, Cat Café Studio and Zcyphher work independently yet in a close collaboration to increase our impact on both stray cats and society as whole.