Become a Volunteer

Volunteers help us by taking care of our kitty patients, making toys and food puzzles, checking medical records, keeping medicines stocked, going on treat-on-street drives, processing donations, writing thank-you cards, setting up fundraising events, writing content for social media, and more.
Whether you’re experienced with cats or want to learn about cats, you are welcome to join us!
Fill out the form below to attend a volunteer orientation:

Become a Stray Cat Feeder

Becoming a stray cat feeder is one of the most generous acts of kindness you can do. You can help out the street cats in your locality by feeding them nutritious food every day so that they don’t have to search through waste on the streets for food. This not only keeps the cats healthy, but also helps socialize them to people so you can later get them sterilized or take them to a veterinarian.
To learn more about becoming a feeder, fill out the volunteer form and check the box ‘Become a feeder in your area’. You can also download our Stray Cat Feeder Manual.

Adopt a Stray Cat in Need

We try to give every stray cat that comes into our hands the best medical treatment we can.
However, some still have lingering health issues or permanent disabilities after treatment, such as our blind or amputee cats.
Since these cats can still live normal and happy lives if taken care of in a loving home, we put up these disadvantaged cats for adoption at Cat Cafe Studio.
Adopt a stray cat in need today and forever change their lives – and yours!

Fellowship Programme

We have a one month, all-round Fellowship Programme for those interested in learning about NGO Development.
Fellows learn various aspects of marketing and fundraising for non-profits, communication skills with donors and sponsors, content-writing, and research.