The Feline Foundation Community Veterinary Clinic

We, The Feline Foundation, are very excited to tell you that we have just launched our very own low cost Community Veterinary Clinic in Aram Nagar, Versova!

The clinic aims to help animal-lovers in Mumbai care for all animals in need by offering veterinary services at affordable costs. 

The problem:

Mumbai has thousands, possibly millions, of domesticated cats and dogs. The majority of these animals, whether indoor pets or strays living on the street, lack access to affordable veterinary care.

How can we help?

The Feline Foundation Community Veterinary Clinic is a not-for-profit low-cost veterinary clinic that provides quality medical care to any animals brought by individuals or groups in need of such services. The care ranges from basic preventive medicine such as routine vaccinations, to more urgent medical treatment.

The inauguration of our new facility

Our mission as a Community Veterinary Clinic is to promote the rescue and care of the stray dog and cat population by providing accessible veterinary care to anyone who is concerned about their welfare.

Examination room and Operation Theatre

Here are our goals for the Low-Cost Vet Clinic:

  • Medical care for dogs and cats at minimal cost to make veterinary care affordable for all
  • More stray animals saved from illnesses or injuries due to reduced cost of both preventative and urgent care
  • Reduction in stray overpopulation due to regular sterilizations/Animal Birth Control
  • Support and assistance in animal healthcare to citizens kindly going out of their way to help stray animals

The timings for the clinic are Monday through Saturday 9:30 am to 8pm

Address: The Feline Foundation Community Veterinary Clinic
Bungalow 65, Aram Nagar 2, Popco Colony Road, Opposite Police Officers Colony, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400061

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