Everything you need to know about sterilizing stray kitties!

What is sterilization?

Sterilization is a procedure where the cat undergoes surgery to prevent the reproduction of offspring. This is a very important and humane way of controlling the population of cats on the streets.

Why should we do it and what are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of sterilizing both male and female stray cats is the reduction of unwanted litters. It also causes a decrease in territorial fights, spraying, and aggressive behavior, therefore resulting in fewer injuries. Sterilizing a cat also prevents the danger of ovarian and testicular cancer. If these stray cats are left unattended on the streets to breed and survive, they may even end up passing on dangerous and unknown diseases to the coming generations, decreasing their lifespan and quality of life. This is why a controlled population is a healthier population.

How can you help?

After a cat is spayed/neutered [sterilized], the doctors snip a small part of their ear as an indication, this is called an ear-tip. This mark shows that the cat has already been sterilized.

If you come across a stray cat that doesn’t have the ear-tip, you can take the following steps;

  • Ask around for a feeder.
  • If you find them, that’s great! You can try helping them by providing monetary support or by helping transport the cat or anything else.
  • If the cat doesn’t have a feeder and is fending for itself,  you can take responsibility of the little cutie and make this change towards a healthier lifestyle!!
  • Visit a vet prior to catching them and figure out the best possible situation for the kitty.
  • You’re almost done! After the surgery and post-op is complete, you drop them back where you picked them up from.
  • Gloat, because you just helped save this furballs life

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Every vet has their own procedure, but this is what we usually do.

Have the cat brought in  2 days before to de-flea them and give them a bath. After the surgery is completed, they are also vaccinated. 

Have them fast overnight before the procedure.

The sterilization procedure is then performed by a vet.

The males are released 2 days after their procedure, whereas females are kept for 7 more days, after which the cats are released back healthier and safer than they were before.

You can get in touch with any veterinarian near you to know their prices

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