Approaching a stray cat

You must have at least once noticed a cat skipping gracefully along the way. If you would like to approach them, we can tell you just how to do it. All cats are different and may react differently in separate situations. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you approach the cat. We hope these few basics can help you create a bond with this kitty

1. Leaving some food out:

Cats are excellent at hiding. They are like silent ninjas who tread the earth unnoticed unless they are bribed with food!

Leaving a bowl of some food out can get them to trust you and know that you aren’t a threat. This will establish the first level of contact between you and the kitty. And will motivate it to appear frequently in search of more food. 

2. Identifying the character of the cat:

Avoid approaching a cat if it doesn’t not wish to be approached. The wisest words you will ever hear when dealing with stray cats. A cat will show you when it doesn’t wish to be touched.

That is unless you feel like something is off with the cat and you think they may need to be taken to the vet. Slowly approach the cat and allow it to sniff your fingers. Sudden movements may scare the kitty away, so try to be slow and gentle. Once the cat has smelt your hand, hover it over the cat’s head to show your intentions 

3. Familiarizing yourself with the cat:

Try spending more time with the cat, you can slowly increase contact by daily feedings. Sit next to the cat while they eats the food. More often than not, this should help familiarize the cat with your presence and make the cat more comfortable. Congratulations! You have just made a new friend. 

4. Utilizing this budding friendship for their benefit:

Now comes the important part, testing your newfound friendship to take the cat to the vet. Often times, the cats living on the streets are un-sterilized and have not received their vaccinations. Taking this cat to the vet for sterilization or for the treatment of an injury. Not only have you made a new friend, but also saved this kitty’s life and taking responsibility for this cat.

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